Class Review: KORE

The Class: KORE

Location: Meatpacking (See on map here)

Duration: 60 minutes

Instructor: Chaz

I had been hearing a lot about KORE and how great it was, so I finally made the time to head down to Meatpacking and attend a class one Saturday afternoon. KORE is what I like to call a “hot box” class: they put you in a dark, fairly small room, blast the music and nearly force the sweat out of you. The class was about a group of 20, which in this size of a room didn’t mean you had a ton of space, but that was fine since all the moves we did only required the space the size of a yoga mat. As Chaz explained at the beginning of the class, a KORE class is broken down into 5 parts. Part 1: Warmup Part 2: Core Part 3: KORE4 Part 4: HITT Part 5: Stretch and cooldown.

The class I attended had a fairly broad range of fitness levels, and there were definitely quite a few people huffing and puffing once the warm-up was finished. Including myself, in case you were wondering. Chaz rotated us through moves quickly, and between the loud music and the dark space, I would have had a hard time keeping up if the girl in front of me hadn’t been a KORE junkie and known which move to do even before Chaz said it. (This girl was FIT. If KORE classes are a main part of her fitness regime, then I think they know what they are doing.) That being said, my heart rate didn’t really start to climb until we moved into the HITT round, which started with some Tabata exerises. This was definitely my favorite part of the class. We rotated between 2 exercise for 20 seconds each, 10 seconds rest. A loud bell would ring start and a buzzer rang to signal the end. After 4 rounds, Chaz switched it up to 2 other exercises and then we were done.

KORE, being in Meatpacking, goes for a suave, nightclub type vibe mashed with a fitness class. Although the room was dark, one side of the studio is made up entirely of glass windows, so it didn’t seem that dark at noon on a sunny Saturday. The music was fine, not overly amazing. The locker rooms were tiny. Two showers only and not a lot of space to move around.

The Bottom Line: KORE didn’t honestly feel overly challenging while I was in the class, but I found myself sore the next day, which in my mind is usually a sign I got a good workout. As far as the nightclub vibes-meet gym, well…I’m not sure they are quite there yet.


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