Class Review: The Bari Studio

The Class: Barione at The Bari Studio

Location: Tribeca (See on map here)

Duration: 55 minutes

Instructor: AJ

Finally, a workout class where I can dance as ridiculously as I do when I go out with my friends! I love working out, but this class was pure fun. In order to take the wide-array of classes the Bari Studio offers, patrons are recommended to take the introductory barione class that teaches the basic moves and format you can expect to pop in the rest of Bari’s classes. The studio is similar to a barre class décor, with mirrors and bar running along the walls. However, hanging from the ceiling like gray jellyfish legs are TRX bands (and trust me, your arms will feel like jellyfish legs after this class. Along with the rest of your body). Mini trampolines are stacked on the side. As AJ aptly put it, the studio is kind of like an adult playground. Well, play we did!

The warm-up and first section of the class focused on active stretching while progressively incorporating some dance moves. Seamlessly, AJ led us away from stretching until we were full out…dancing! Granted, there was a little bit of method to the dance moves that made them challenging on your muscles. But it wasn’t too hard to ignore this strength work because I was having so much fun dancing around. The playlist was THE BOMB. Like good enough to inspire some-Beyonce dancing intensity.

Once we were panting and sweating, AJ had us incorporate those jellyfish legs into our dance moves. Each of us grabbed a TRX band in each hand and whirled around while holding them to create some arm toning. This part required added coordination, but the atmosphere of the class was so fun and upbeat that I didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious.

The next part of the class introduced us to working on the trampoline. Technique is a little more important here than it is for the floor work, but the trampoline work was just as much fun as the dance work on the ground. If you liked bouncing on a trampoline as a kid, you’ll love this part. After getting our bounce on, we finished with some muscle-isolating work on our arms, legs, butt, and abs. This is what Bari refers to as “micro” on its class schedule. Cool down was an instructor led stretch session.

The Bari Studio’s Tribeca location is a small studio on Leonard Street. The studio, while nice, is tiny. There is only one bathroom and one shower on the first floor, with one additional bathroom and shower in the basement. I did this class on a Saturday, but I would be a bit nervous coming here before work and getting ready without waiting ridiculously long. However, this class was too much fun to wait until the weekend to do again, so stay tuned.

The Bottom Line: If you love to dance but hate waiting until Friday or Saturday night to get your moves on, this class is a great way to bust a move while at the same time strengthening your entire body. The atmosphere is upbeat, friendly, and kick-ass fun!!


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